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Beach Cruiser Bikes

There are a lot of fun and different activities one can get into while enjoying a vacation at the beach, whether it is a one-day trip or you are there for the whole week. A very popular activity that is great for young children, teenagers, and grown-ups alike is to ride beach cruisers. Riding beach cruiser bikes will get the young and old alike out into the fresh air, sunshine, and nature.

Beach cruisers are similar in functionality to standard road or trail bicycles, however, they have certain characteristics that make them perfect for riding in the sand or up and down the boardwalk. Beach cruiser bicycles are constructed from simple balloon tires and steel frames.

They feature an upright seating posture and typically operate on a single-speed mechanism. These types of bicycles are very reliable and durable, making them a great option for use in harsh weather conditions such as those found near the shore and by companies that rent out the bicycles to many hundreds of riders per day.

Beach cruiser bikes come in many differently brightly colored models, ranging from bright red to summery teals to luscious greens. Many owners enjoy decorating and customizing their beach cruisers and making them different from everyone else’s with stickers, hand painted artwork, and other decorative accents.

A popular accessory found on many beach cruiser bicycles is a basket attached to the front handlebars; this basket makes carrying shopping bags or a beach towel easy. A rack can also sometimes be found over the rear bicycle tire; bike riders can attach items to this rack as well in order to make carrying and transporting items easy while still enjoying a ride on the beach cruiser.

Beach cruiser bikes can be easily rented at many beach-side shops and other recreational-inspired businesses, as well as purchased for a relatively low price. Especially compared with the cost of more specialized road and mountain bikes, beach cruisers are often a great bargain.

They can sometimes be purchased for as low as $100 and $200, as compared with many hundreds or more for other types of bicycles. Beach cruisers can be purchased new online; and we’ll soon be adding a great variety here at BeachCruiser.net!